1. How does this service work? 


-Use the search button on the upper right hand corner of the website to find your phone model. (For example type Note 9)  

-Purchase the service that you want.    (Remember unlocking a phone with a Blacklisted IMEI will do nothing. IMEI repair is needed to be able to use GSM networks again.)        

-Go back into the website and fill out the contact us form. 

-You will get files with instructions sent to your email that was put in the "contact us" form. If it was not filled out it will go to your paypal email or any email you entered at check-out. 

-At your "verbal walk-in" time or during our appointment, you will open the teamviewer and call us if we do not call you. 518-847-7473.  

2. How do I know if I have a bad/blacklisted/financed IMEI number? 

Answer: Go to the "BLACKLISTED IMEI CHECK" tab and click on the link and input your IMEI. If it doesn't say it is financed, blacklisted, etc then it can take up to 2-3 months to actually get updated on that website IF you think it IS blacklisted and when you put your sim card in and it is not working then it is already blacklisted but not updated on the site yet. So basically if it doesn't work when you put the sim in, then you should just get the IMEI repaired now if you want to use the phone now and not have problems down the line then get the service now.  

3. Is this a Scam?  

Answer: No. The phone number on our website is real and you talk to real people. No chat boxes like other websites that may just take your money and run.  

4. Does my phone have to be rooted? 

Answer: It depends on the phone. If it is a newer model in some cases yes, but the phone will get put back to stock firmware after we are done. And your knox security will NOT be tripped.  

5. Will I get my money back if this doesn't work? 

Answer: There is a 100% money back guarantee if the service cannot be finished.   

6. How long does it take?  

Answer: It can take up to 15-35 minutes when your appointment (unless you are a walk-in) is confirmed and files are downloaded and extracted on your computer when we connect to your computer. It depends on the speed of your computer and your internet speed. If you go to the website and check you speeds. The minimal speed needed is 4MB a second or it will take a long time to service your phone. Hotspots are NOT acceptable!  

7. What do I need to get started? 

Answer: You will need GOOD internet (libraries not included, they have restrictions), a good thick usb cable and a windows computer (macbooks are supported as well) along with the phone charged up!!! Obviously you will have to pay first to secure an appointment.  

8. What carrier can I use my phone on after this service? 

Answer: You can use it on ANY GSM carrier after the service, except for Metro PCS (older phones like the S6 and older) unless you ordered the Metro PCS enabled service from us. Call us to order this special service. Galaxy J1's, J3's, J7's, S7's, S8's, S8 Active's, Note 8's and S9's, will automatically have a compatible IMEI for Metro PCS on their database. You have to call in the IMEI to connect to MetroPCS when we are done writing it at 1-888-MetroPCS8.  

9. So if I put my sim card in after this service, will it work? 

Answer: Yes 100%. For Galaxy S7's and up you will be able to go to ANY GSM carrier in the world, including Metro-PCS!!!  

10. If I don't have a personal computer, and can't find a friend or family that has a computer how can I get this service? 

Answer: We can accept a mail-in service with an extra cost of $7.00.  

11. How do you remove the google account? 

Answer: We connect to your computer after you purchase the service and fill out the "contact us" form in addition to making an appointment with us and move the mouse around with our programs and remove it. Don't worry your computer will not get hacked as we use teamviewer in which you need permission to access the computer every time.  

12. I don't have paypal. How can I pay you? 

Answer: We take all major debit/credit cards. Make sure you fill out the contact form and make an appointment so we can send the files for your computer. There are many other ways also. Including messenger and with a guest paypal account.  

13. Why didn't Flashy Phones contact me yet? 

Answer: You didn't fill out the "Contact Us" Form or make and appointment!!!                                           

14. How do I know this is going to work?

Answer: Click on our YouTube videos below and see the proof happening right before your very eyes. There on the channel is plenty of feedback.

15. Why is it shipping before I check out?

Answer: It is the way the website is setup. There is no shipping.  All services are remote!!!

16. Can I update or reset the phone after your services?

Answer: Yes. You can reset or update the phone as many times as you like.

17. Do I keep the same phone number?

Answer: Yes. The simcard you have has your phone number. You can even port your number if you are changing carriers.

18. How long does it take?

Answer: 5-24 hours in most cases.

19. Can I return the phone to Samsung for warranty purposes after this service?

Answer: No. They will say the phone was tampered with and will not fix the screen, etc.

20. What is the difference between unlock and IMEI repair?

Answer: Unlocking your phone will do nothing unless it is 100% paid off. IMEI repair is a service for blacklisted/blocked/reported stolen phones. It comes with a GSM unlock as well!!!




1. Pick the service that you need under the appropriate tab.  

2. For example, for IMEI repair/change pick the "BLACKLISTED/IMEI/UNLOCKS" tab. For carrier unlocks pick the "BLACKLISTED IMEI/UNLOCKS" tab. Click appropriate button. For Google Account Removal pick the "UNLOCKS/GOOGLE ACCOUNT REMOVAL" button in the same menu. That is where it is located. It might ask your company of phone and or/model when you begin to purchase the service. If you have a problem finding a phone then type your model number in the search bar in the upper right hand corner and scroll down and look for it.  (For Example: Galaxy S7) 

3. Answer the options and questions and read the description of the service. Click on the add cart button of the phone model (under settings/about phone or about device) that the service is needed for. For example N910T is Note 4 T-Mobile. A is ATT and etc. 

4. Checkout with Paypal or your credit/debit card.  

5. Fill out the contact us form so we can have your information to send you the files for our remote service. All services are remote from a windows computer to windows computer. We do the work but need the files ready and prepared and ready to go on your computer.  

6. Make an appointment under the "MAKE APPOINTMENT" tab to get taken care of. In most cases we can take you in right now while reading this as a Walk-in. (Note: If appointments are full we can still possibly fit you in the same day for all services.)  

7. You will then get an email giving you all the instructions to set up your computer and phone for us to service it. What we do is move the mouse around on your computer at your walk-in or appointment and program your phone. We stay on the phone with you the whole time and have you press buttons while we do our work. Our service is 100% guaranteed or money back!!!                                    


 All flagship Samsung phones from across the world from any network are supported. Doesn't matter if you are in France, Africa, South America, England or anywhere!!! It is all remote from computer to computer. Again all Samsung phones overseas are supported, REMOTE!!! For this service we need to read special unique information from your phone over our remote computer connection. This unique information is read from the phone usually in 20 minutes.  You will be able to go on ANY GSM network in the world including Metro PCS after we generate the IMEI and write it to your phone. ALL IN MINUTES!!!  All phones will be unlocked including  AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint, Verizon and overseas phones which is included with the IMEI repair service. Yes you will not have to worry about the T-Mobile device unlock app!!!  This service is 100% guaranteed.